The journey never ends

Smile. Kiss. Photos and text from August 2016. I miss feeling amazed by everything I see. To live all with true intensity. I don’t know if it was growing up, or the internet, or maybe a mix of many things together. But I wish I could be impressionable again, like when I was 10. I […]

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About beginnings, changes and lessons.

October 2015 – January 2016 These are just a bunch of random photos and self-portraits documenting my first months in Melbourne. Some (very) hard months, emotionally intense. It’s been weird to look at some of these photos, and painful. Because looking at them made me feel for a second the way I was feeling back […]

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Some love

 Berlin:   Barcelona: Film roll I started in new years’ eve (!!!) in Berlin And I finished it on June in Barcelona.I have one more coming. Looking at this photos now I feel love and I feel nostalgic.

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About time

        In june, while I was in Barcelona, I took three rolls of film to the lab. This is one of them. And I just realized that the first picture was taken in August 2014… More than a year ago! The last one is from June 2015. It is interesting to me […]

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Villajoiosa, Spain. June 2015. Turn your frustration into creativity. This is something I wrote a long time ago. I was feeling hurt, and sad. One of those times when everything is confusing and pointless. And then I saw my camera. Somehow I saw an opportunity to transform that bad moment into something interesting. And it […]

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