Villajoiosa, Spain. June 2015.
Turn your frustration into creativity.
This is something I wrote a long time ago. I was feeling hurt, and sad. One of those times when everything is confusing and pointless. And then I saw my camera. Somehow I saw an opportunity to transform that bad moment into something interesting. And it was beautifully helpful.

Of course, I can’t do that every time I feel bad, not always I have the energy, but it is good to know that something good can come out of something bad.I can’t believe that Berlin is over. A closed chapter. I’m writing this post from Villajoyosa, a small town in Alicante, Spain. I’m spending a few days here. I have to leave the dogs here before starting my next little adventure. It’s not easy, and it doesn’t have to be. Following your dreams is never easy. But it is definitely something worth to try. I’ve been spending the last weeks in Barcelona, and even though it has been quite overwhelming for many reasons, it has been good. Really good. I thought one month was going to be a lot, but it all happened so fast. Now time is over, and soon I’m gonna have to face a big change I don’t know if I’m ready for.

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It’s very important to learn how to move on. It may seem difficult, but
it’s all about letting things go. Bad things out, and focus on the good memories. I’m trying to remember that.

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