My Tho


My Tho, Vietnam. August 2015.

Dear S,

you have no idea what I would give to see you in Barcelona.

We are in Vietnam now.  We spent a few days in Ho Chi Minh. Today we have taken our things and took a bus to … I don’t even know or where I am anymore… how bad is that lol. Boy, it’s just that, we move all the time.

So we are now in My Tho, located in the Mekong Delta region of South Vietnam.

And well, I’m a bit nervous and excited because, guess what… we’re going to Japan! Oh, I still can’t believe it, we just booked our flights. It was not part of the plan, it’s a very long story that goes back to when we were in Thailand. But summing it up a lot, throughout all our journey, we could not stop getting mega-divine signs from the universe telling us to go to Japan. Included you, by the way. You couldn’t stop talking about how Japan had been such a gratifying experience. So answer me as soon as possible, I want tips !!!

Ay Santiaguito, you do not know how much I think of you.
We have to make another trip, you and me. Maybe when I’m in Autralia, you can come visit me,  we could rent a car and make a road trip a la Thelma and Louise (but with a somewhat less dramatic end, of course). What do you say?

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