The journey never ends

Smile. Kiss.

Photos and text from August 2016.

I miss feeling amazed by everything I see. To live all with true intensity. I don’t know if it was growing up, or the internet, or maybe a mix of many things together. But I wish I could be impressionable again, like when I was 10. I had this thought earlier this morning, and I have been pondering about it. Later I met with my friend T for a coffee and, interestingly, he has drawn a similar theme. We’ve been talking about how we don’t feel surprised or shocked so easily anymore, how now we receive much more information than we can actually process, making everything seem unimportant. We also discussed how traveling changes you in ways you could never guess, the idea of returning home and the shock that comes with it. The family and friends who not always understand our need to do what we do, and how despite having chosen this kind of life, being away hurt so much.


It’s interesting to see how my perspective on some things changes over time. With everything. For example, when I lived in Berlin, going to Barcelona for Christmas seemed to be the most complicated thing in the world. Money, time, distance … In my head it was impossible. Now all that seems so silly, and I see that I just lacked the true will to make it happen. If I had really wished to go, I would have sought the way. And the reason I think about all this is that being now 10 times further away, I’m trying harder to make it happen. And I think it is precisely the distance that has motivated this desire to be there. Nothing like distance to bring some clarity into your life.

I feel happy again, wanting to do things and work and even feel beautiful. I live strong.

“-That too is part of the journey.
-The journey never really ends.”