Hmong hill tribes. Chiang Mai, Thailand. July 2015.

We drove for what it seemed to be an eternity until we found the “road” leading to the second village we wanted to visit. It wasn’t a road, but an unpaved path and, actually, we passed it at first because we thought it was impossible that it was the right direction.

We encouraged ourselves and decided to try it at very low speed because of how complicated and dangerous the road was.

Throughout al the way, A and I were asking each other if we wanted/should continue. It gave us bad feeling, especially when it started to rain and the mud made it slip. Finally, it came to a point where A thought seriously to give up and turning around. And here is the most important thing for me from that day.

I came to a conclusion.

This road that is so difficult, dubious and risky, almost certainly hides something special. Something real worth. Just as the safest roads are the most frequented and skip the most amazing, special and unique places.”

And I keep that path in my mind as a good metaphor that I could apply to many things now.

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