Let the spring begin

 Pic by Steven Conway

This pic was taken on March 1st. It was a beautulf day. There was sun and we were all excited. I guess we were all thinking the same.. “Spring is finally here”. Wrong.

7 thoughts on “Let the spring begin

  • Wow, the first picture is amazing, I love the mood of it, it's like a mix of artificial and natural light, and you in it with that boho style! xx

  • Hello you post that great, I really liked the photographs

    I followed a few weeks ago here in your blog, I really would be thrilled to follow me on the blog.

    I wait. regards

  • Great pics…you are amazing!
    I love your blog, if you want we can follow each other…it would be great…tell me what do you think!

  • Hello How exciting to know that you are part of my world "lovely welcome" can not imagine what I enjoy your blog. I hope to keep in touch.

    a kiss

  • These pictures looks great! I love the second one! I like the banner of your blog! 😀

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