My last day in Berlin





That was my last day in town.

Actually this day I was supposed to be on the road toBarcelona. But the previous day, which was supposed to be the last day was very busy and I did not wanted to leave with a sad feeling, and after thinking a lot about it, I decided I should say goodbye to the city properly. Things were already packed and everything ready to go. So it was a relaxed day. Walk on the east side gallery, pictures, cupcakes. And all with a smile on my face.
Almost five years of my life.
In 2010 I moved to Berlin with the idea of staying one or two years. Obviously I needed a little more time.
Now it’s all memories. That very hard first year. The good last years. And everything else.
I left Barcelona feeling very lost, with a very unclear idea of who I was or what I wanted to do with my life. And five years later.. Well honestly I haven’t learned much. Just the truth: that I don’t have to do any specific or decisive thing in my life. I don’t need something to define me. My life, I just live it.
Other not so outstanding things I’ve learned in Berlin:
  • It is better not to stick to a very specific plan. Being carried away is good.
  • If I pay attention, inspiration is everywhere. So I can’t use it as an excuse to do nothing.
  • The Question at a party/social act is “..and what do you do in Berlin?”.
  • If you want to survive you need a good answer ready for the question above.
  • My dreams are not going to chase themselves, nor will they become true by magic.
  • My brother was right about what he told me the day I turned 20.
  • If I complain a lot about something silly, the universe will punish me by sending something just a little worse.
  • Some words in german.
  • I can be very smart if I want to. And very silly too.
  • I am strong.
  • It’s ok to be afraid.
  • Negativity is hard to peel off, you better make sure you wont have to do it again.
  • Surrounding yourself with good people is the most important. Better in a café. With sofas and close to your home. Don’t ask for more.
  • Never look back unless it is to
    smile when thinking about the good memories.

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