Thank you for the music

Photo-diaries from October 2017


“Sometimes I feel like my life is a series of farewells.
But somebody said that growing up is learning to say goodbye” 


This is when things were getting better. So much, a happy place in my memory. And it’s fair to say that it has stayed happy ever since. I’m not scared to lose this feeling because I plan to fight relentlessly to keep it.

Just getting ready for 2018 making it to the second position in “happiest year of my life”. And that’s only because 2008 can’t be easily surpassed. That was a wild year. But I’ll try hard to beat it.

I plan to hang some memories on my walls, so I’ve been going through my entire archives. Years and years, thousands and thousands of photos. And now I have to say, I can’t believe how I ever doubted for a second how lucky, what a lovely life I’ve been gifted with. I feel like inventing a time machine just so I can visit myself in some key moments of the last 10 years and say thank you thank you thank you for trying, for not being scared of loving, of sacrifice, and mostly for chasing your dreams. My dreams.

I have to say, growing up is amazing. I can’t wait to be 108 years old and look back.

Thankful for the memories.


“Why must one always talk? Often one shouldn’t talk, but live in silence.”

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