January – February 2018


Hot days. Yesterday on the way home, this song by Los Rodriguez that I hadn’t listened to in ages starts playing in the car. I still know all the lyrics from beginning to end. Suddenly I’m 13 again, it’s summer and I’m walking to the swimming pool with my headphones imagining I’m old enough to do grown-up things. Sweeter times. I wish I could go back there and tell myself to take it easy, that adult stuff is only great when you don’t compare it to living a life free of rent and bills.
Then probably 13-year-old me would answer that at least I don’t have to go to school. Young me version wins. And I have this recurring feeling that I used to be so much clever then. So what happened? Adulthood, ugh.


So I’m flying to India in less than a week. I still have to book the flight from Delhi to Kathmandu, I have to apply for the visa to India, I’ve got less than $20 in the bank, my gym just contacted me because their payment failed and I don’t even know what the plan for Nepal is. Quoting Rachel: “I could so easily freak out right now”.

For anyone who ever wondered, this is how I do it.



” – I used to live out by the airport, underneath the flight patterns. It was really noisy with the planes going by all day. I used to have cookouts, and no one would come because of the noise. I got used to it. And then, when I moved… I missed the noise. I missed those planes.

– Cliff, what are you talking about?

– I don’t know.



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