Aislin hogar1

Around the bend

“Dogs like us, we ain’t such dogs as we think we are”. February and March 2017 The last months were weird. It wasn’t terrible, but not great either. Just kind of stucked in the middle, I was struggling to find meaning. It happens even when you’re ok. But it also passes, always. I have this […]

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Girlhood #5-90

Time warp

September to December 2016. September Sometimes, instead of traveling to other countries, I wish I could travel back in time. Nostalgia. I don’t like to say this, but I miss how easy life used to be. Before social media. Before smartphones and cameras, when we didn’t feel the need to record every little thing that […]

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Girlhood #2

Last Friday was the opening of the exhibition Girlhood #2, at the Union Club in Melbourne. I feel very lucky to have participated with my work in such a great show. The day of the instalation I couldn’t believe all the talented artists that were hunging their amazing art on those walls. I felt very […]

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